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Environmental Express - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Environmental Express

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Environmental Express

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Environmental Express offers a complete line of single and multi-ion standards for ion chromatography.

- Quality ingredients make the best standards. Ion chromatography standards from Environmental Express are prepared from high-purity salts in 18 mega-ohm (MW) water. Packaged in DOT-2E polyethylene bottles, these standards are guaranteed accurate to ±0.5% unless otherwise noted.

- To ensure more precise concentrations, each batch is tested for accuracy. Standards are traceable to NIST when applicable.

- Single element standards are available for common anions and some cations in 100 ppm and 1000 ppm concentrations.

- Multi-ion standards are available for your laboratory’s specific needs.



 Ion Size 100 µg/mL Size 1000 µg/mL
Catalog # Catalog #
 Acetate  100mL  IC-AC 100mL IC-AC-M
 Acetate  250mL  IC-AC-250 250mL IC-AC-M-250
 Ammonium  100mL  IC-NH 100mL IC-NH-M
 Ammonium  250mL  IC-NH-250 250mL IC-NH-M-250
 Bromide  100mL  IC-BR 100mL IC-BR-M
 Bromide  250mL  IC-BR-250 250mL IC-BR-M-250
 Bromate  100mL  IC-BRO3 100mL IC-BRO3-M
 Bromate  250mL  IC-BRO3-250 250mL IC-BRO3-M-250
 Calcium 100mL  IC-CA 100mL IC-CA-M
 Calcium  250mL  IC-CA-250 250mL IC-CA-M-250
 Chloride  100mL  IC-CL 100mL IC-CL-M
 Chloride  250mL  IC-CL-250 250mL IC-CL-M-250
 Chlorite*  100mL  IC-CLO2 100mL IC-CLO2-M
 Chlorite*  250mL  IC-CLO2-250 250mL IC-CLO2-M-250
 Chlorate*  100mL  IC-CLO3 100mL IC-CLO3-M
 Chlorate*  250mL  IC-CLO3-250 250mL IC-CLO3-M-250
 Cyanide  100mL  IC-CN 100mL IC-CN-M**
 Fluoride  100mL  IC-FF 100mL IC-FF-M
 Fluoride  250mL  IC-FF-250 250mL IC-FF-M-250
 Formate*  100mL  IC-FM 100mL IC-FM-M
 Formate*  250mL  IC-FM-250 250mL IC-FM-M-250
 Iodide  100mL  IC-II 100mL IC-II-M
 Iodide  250mL  IC-II-250 250mL IC-II-M-250
 Magnesium  100mL  IC-MG 100mL IC-MG-M
 Magnesium  250mL  IC-MG-250 250mL IC-MG-M-250
 Nitrate (NO3)  100mL  IC-NO 100mL IC-NO-M
 Nitrate (NO3)  250mL  IC-NO-250 250mL IC-NO-M-250
 Nitrite (NO2)  100mL  IC-N 100mL IC-N-M
 Nitrite (NO2)  250mL  IC-N-250 250mL IC-N-M-250
 Nitrogen (NO3)  100mL  IC-NO3 100mL IC-NO3-M
 Nitrogen (NO3)  250mL  IC-NO3-250 250mL IC-NO3-M-250
 Nitrogen (NO2)  100mL  IC-NO2 100mL IC-NO2-M
 Nitrogen (NO2)  250mL  IC-NO2-250 250mL IC-NO2-M-250
 Perchlorate  100mL  IC-CLO4 100mL IC-CLO4-M
 Perchlorate  250mL  IC-CLO4-250 250mL IC-CLO4-M-250
 Phosphate  100mL  IC-PP 100mL IC-PP-M
 Phosphate  250mL  IC-PP-250 250mL IC-PP-M-250
 Phosphorous  100mL  IC-P 100mL IC-P-M
 Phosphorous  250mL  IC-P-250 250mL IC-P-M-250
 Potassium  100mL  IC-K 100mL IC-K-M
 Potassium  250mL  IC-K-250 250mL IC-K-M-250
 Sodium  100mL  IC-NA 100mL IC-NA-M
 Sodium  250mL  IC-NA-250 250mL IC-NA-M-250
 Sulfate  100mL  IC-SS 100mL IC-SS-M
 Sulfate  250mL  IC-SS-250 250mL IC-SS-M-250
 Sulfur  100mL IC-SR 100mL IC-SR-M
 Sulfur  250mL  IC-SR-250 250mL IC-SR-M-250
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