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Agela Unisol Column - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Agela Unisol Column

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Agela Unisol Column

รหัสสินค้า: 000140

Agela's unique sol-gel process technology generates a uniform surface that produces a universal column applicable to many HPLC applications.

Major benefits of the Unisol Technology for reverse phase and normal phase chromatography:

*Greatly improved peak shape for basic compounds

*100% water compatibility

*Significantly increased retention for highly water soluble compounds and balanced hydrophobicity in the reverse phase mode

*Elimination of excessive retention for polar compounds in the normal phase mode


Unisol C18

A slightly polar, 100% water compatible and universal reverse phase

Consider this column as the first option for your HPLC method development

*One of the most universal reverse phase columns

*Great inertness and efficiency for basic compounds

*Enhanced retention of hydrophilic compounds

*100% aqueous compatibility

*Robust and reproducible performance

*Wide pH range (1.5-9.0)

*Low bleed and high sensitivity for LC-MS


Unisol Amide (HILIC)

Main features:

*Strong retention of polar compounds in HILIC mode

*Very unique selectivity and good complementary to the conventional reverse phase

*Can be used as reverse phase, normal phase ans HILIC phase

*More robust and reproducible performance than silica and amino sattionary phase

*100% aqueous and 100%organic solvents compatible

*pH range (2-8)

Ordering Information

Type                              Dimension(mm)    Particle size(um)      Unisol C18             Unisol Amide(HILIC)

Fast Analysis       2.1x30                2.5                 UO920302-0   

Fast Analysis       2.1x50                2.5                 UO920502-0

Fast Analysis       2.1x100             2.5                 UO921002-0

Fast Analysis       3.0x30               2.5                 UO920303-0

Fast Analysis       3.0x50               2.5                 UO920503-0

Fast Analysis       3.0x100            2.5                 UO921003-0

Fast Analysis       4.6x50               2.5                 UO920505-0

Fast Analysis       4.6x100            2.5                UO921005-0

Analytical             2.1x30                5                   UO950302-0           VH950302-0

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