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Cleanert SPE Columns and 96 Wellplates - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Cleanert SPE Columns and 96 Wellplates

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Cleanert SPE Columns and 96 Wellplates

รหัสสินค้า: 000144

Classification according to the type of packings:


(1) Bonded silica gel

C18, C18-N, C8, NH2, COOH, Silica, PSA, PRS, SCX, SAX; All of them are made of high quality and low metal silica particles. Using the special surface modificationmethodology, the activity of silica surface is reduced largely, which in turn will reduce the tailing of compounds and will ensure high recovery and good reproducibility.


(2) Polymers:.

In order to expand the applicable scale and improve the absorption balance as well as the reproducibility of reversed phase SPE packing materials, new types of reversed phase SPE packing materials based on polar functional polymeric resins appeared in the late 90s of late century. The packing material is copolymerized by ketopyrrolidine and divinyl-benzene. With the introduction of polar functional groups by ketopyrrolidine, this type of SPE cartridge has even absorption to polar and non-polar compounds. It overcomes the following disadvantages of conventional C18 cartridges

(3)Non-silica adsorption phase:

Florisil, PestiCarb, Alumina(N, A, B). They are commonly used to remove polar interference from non-polar samples. Cleanert adsorption sorbents have high purity, high recovery and good reproducibility. They are widely used in sample preparation for environmental and food analysis.

(4) Mixed Phase 

(5)Specialized series

 Cleanert HXH | Cleanert SUL-5 |  Cleanert DNPH-Silica Silicacollecting tube of aldehyde ketone compounds in air)  |  Cleanert TPH | Cleanert TPT | Cleanert EPH  | Cleanert PPP | Cleanert LRC | Cleanert LDC | Cleanert Glass Column|

(6) MAS (Multi-function Impurity Adsorption SPE)

Cleanert MAS is a simple sample treatment for bioanalysis which applies multi-function impurity adsorption to remove as many as interferences. It combines protein precipitation with SPE method, and achieve a faster and easier approach.

(7) Pretreatment cartridge of IC

 (8) SLE

Solid supported liquid/liquid Extraction columns and plates use specially treated diatomaceous earth materials as a solid support for liquid/liquid extractions. Agela can provide different pH sorbents as customer requirement to make extraction of different properties substance. This kind of material were often used in clinical analysis, it also can be used to replace most of the analysis using Liquid/Liquid extraction (LLE).

  (9)SPE Supplies

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